7 Secrets About Replacement Double Glazing Window Handles That Nobody Will Tell You

Replacement Double Glazing Window Handles

If a double-glazed window handle is damaged, it’s essential to replace it to ensure safety and function.

uPVC handles are operated by a spindle which runs through the middle of the handle, and then into the lock mechanism in the window frame.

You will need to be aware of the step height for your uPVC handle. This can be determined by searching for screw cover caps on the inside of the handle.

Tilt & Turn

Tilt and turn windows are a popular option in Europe but they’ve only recently made an impact here in the UK. These windows are a favorite option for renovations and new constructions due to their sophisticated functionality. They are simple to open and close, allowing light and ventilation into your home.

The locking points on the sash and the rubber seal that runs across the entire frame’s perimeter make them more airtight than other window types. Unlike uPVC casement windows, tilt and turn windows are opened from both sides and this allows you to clean the exterior of windows from inside your home.

It is crucial to consider the step height when replacing a tilt-and turn window handle. This is the distance from the bottom of the handle to the point where it is fixed to the window frame. It is vital to get this right because if it isn’t done, the window won’t be able open properly.

Generally, the normal step height for a UPVC or aluminum tilt and turn window is 21mm. To ensure that the new handle fits the window, ensure it is of the same step height.

When selecting a replacement tilt and turn window handle, you must consider the kind of operation. Some handles feature a lever which is locked down, up at a 90 degree angle to tilt and straight upwards to open. This is known as a “tilt-before-turn” (TBT), secure handle, and you should make use of it when children are present in your home.

A spindle is typically located on the handle of most tilt and turn windows. The spindle is adjusted in various locations, similar to the door lock. The length of the spindle can also vary. Some spindles have a larger diameter which can be adjusted with an screwdriver. Some have a shorter spindle, which is adjustable by loosening an incredibly small screw inside the base of the handle.


Casement windows are extremely popular for a variety of reasons. It is easy to install and provides great energy efficiency and noise reduction. There are some common problems with these windows. Homeowners must be aware of these. For instance, if the window handle is broken it may be difficult to open the window.

There are simple steps that you can follow to replace your window handle and make it work again. Follow these steps whether your casement window was made recently or is old.

It is essential to fix your uPVC window as soon as you can. This will keep your home safe and discourage burglars. There are several options for replacing the window handle, which includes cockspur handles and espag handles. However, it is important to choose the appropriate handle for the window you have. If you are having difficulty opening your window, it is likely that the spindle within the handle has worn out.

There are a few crucial things to think about when replacing the handles on your uPVC window casement. These include the handle size as well as the screw centres and the spindle size. Think about the type of lock and the color. This is because the mechanism that locks your window will be dependent on the type of handle you have.

Espag handles are used on uPVC window frames in the present. These handles are used to operate your uPVC window’s espagnolette multipoint lock. These handles and hinges are available in a variety of colors and lock or unlocking versions. They also come in left and right opening options.

Cockspur handles can still be found on older uPVC windows, but they are not used anymore in the new double-glazed windows. These handles differ from their aluminum counterparts in that they have an additional step height. They are typically 21mm, while the aluminum version is 9mm.

You can also use blades or spade handles to replace handles for double-glazed windows. These handles are similar in design to cockspur handles but have a smaller spindle. These handles are typically found on old wooden frames that are double glazed window handle glazed windows. They can also be found on a few uPVC Cottage windows.


If you have an old sash window you might need to replace the handles. This is because windows of this type typically come with an assembly that includes the counterweight, sash cord, pulley, and rails that allow the sash to move upwards and downwards with ease. The movement of the sash assists in preventing moisture from getting inside the frame and result in wood rot or mould and allows the window to open to let in fresh air.

You’ll have to determine the spindle of your sash windows in order to locate the proper handle. This can be determined by measuring the distance between the handle base and the frame. You will also need to consider the window’s hand, i.e. The handle can open either clockwise or anti-clockwise, depending on whether it’s left-handed or right-handed.

After you have chosen the right sash handles for your window, it’s time to determine if you require tilt latch. A tilt latch helps to keep the window in a straight position and can be installed on single or double glazed door handle glazed windows. They are available in three varieties of tilt latches: internal tilt latches slide-in tilt latches and surface mounted tilt latches.

For added security, you could have a sash lock fitted to your window sash. This will stop burglars from attempting to open your window.

There are many different styles of sash handles that you can pick from, with Espag handle designs being the most common for uPVC windows. These are usually round and slim with a locking mechanism however, there are also monkey tail and cockspur handle styles. They are typically more appropriate for older windows and offer an attractive appearance however, they can be found on modern casement windows as well.

Vertical Sliding

Vertical sliding windows are a great choice for smaller rooms. While horizontal sliding window are popular for large openings, they’re also a good option for larger openings. These windows are easy-to-clean and offer excellent ventilation. They are also more affordable since they don’t require any maintenance. They can be damaged if you accidentally drag the windows. It is important to place these windows in a spot that pets and children cannot reach them.

Vertical sliding windows can be opened by a simple movement left or right within one frame. They are typically operated by a spiral balance, which is made up of a strip of metal that extends from the other side of the window and is then twisted into coils. When the window is lowered the spiral’s hidden end spins so that the sash can be lowered or closed.

The most commonly used type of vertical sliding window is made from real timber that gives your home a classic style. If you prefer a more contemporary style, PVC-U comes in a variety of colors and finishes to suit your taste. Some manufacturers even offer woodgrain effects for an authentic look.

Unlike double-hung windows, which can be difficult to open in certain situations Vertical sliding windows are more suitable for Replacement Double Glazing Window Handles those with mobility issues. They are also less susceptible to damage from moisture than wooden windows, which makes them an ideal choice for homes with children or seniors.

Some homeowners add security features to their new sliding windows to keep intruders away from their home. The most efficient method to accomplish this is to wedge the lower sash into scrap wood. You can then secure the scrap wood to the frame in order to keep it from being opened. If you’re looking for an even more sophisticated solution think about installing a keyed sliding-bolt lock to the frame. This will give your family peace of mind knowing their windows are safe and can be easily accessed in an emergency.

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