Five Things You Didn’t Know About GiffGaff Data Only Sim

Giffgaff Unlimited SIM Review

Giffgaff’s unlimited SIM plan is a great option if you’re looking for access to the internet without having to pay a monthly cost. This plan for mobile phones allows users to use up to 20GB of data per month and is compatible with 37 countries in Europe. You can even use it to transfer your number from an existing provider, but you can’t utilize Pay As You Go credit with it.

20GB monthly data limit

Giffgaff offers unlimited sim plans and a mobile phone network. However, there is a data limit. Customers are limited to using 20GB per month of data abroad. Fair usage limitations apply to this limit. Customers are not permitted to connect more than 12 devices or 650GB, within six months. However, the majority of users won’t be concerned about this limit.

You can find the cheapest SIM with giffgaff using our comparison table. The table will show prices for the SIMs and the monthly limit of data. The cheapest deals will appear first. Be aware that not all deals offer unlimited data. The speed of data is restricted to 384Kb during the hours of 8am and midnight.

The giffgaff All-you can eat plan is an excellent value. You get unlimited data, giffgaff sim only contract deals contract sim deals however, it comes with an acceptable usage limit. If you use more than the limit, you will be charged 10 cents per MB. This is a bargain if your phone is not used frequently abroad.

Giffgaff offers two unlimited data plans for those who own a smartphone. The PS25 gift bag comes with Always On data and 4G coverage. After using up to 80GB of data the speed decreases to 384kbps. The PS35 goodybag offers unlimited data and access to 5G. The PS35 bag with 5G features uncapped data for up to 650GB in a month.

Giffgaff’s plans offer more flexibility and cost-effectiveness than traditional mobile contracts. They don’t bind you into long-term contracts or offer an incentive via a prize bag. Giffgaff SIMs are the same in terms of coverage and frequency as O2.

You can select to purchase SIM-only plans or sign up to a Pay Monthly plan. You can buy the phone on its own or take out a 24-month loan if you aren’t certain whether you’d like to sign a contract. You can also add unlimited 5G data to your existing phone. It isn’t cheap, however when compared to purchasing new phones.

The Giffgaff unlimited sim plan is less expensive than plans provided by other mobile networks in the UK. Giffgaff’s unlimited sim plans are suitable for UK residents who don’t require data abroad. It’s also better in international calls than most UK mobile plans.

30 day SIM-only contract

If you’re trying to cut down on your monthly costs and contribute to the environment, the giffgaff unlimited SIM only contract is a good option. The 30 day contract can be easily re-suable if you want to keep the SIM in service for another six months. You can also choose to purchase a goodybag and combine it with a pay-per-minute plan to maximize the use of your SIM.

You’ll require a PAC Code before you can switch networks. This code is obtained through the website of the network or by texting a message. Once you have your PAC code, you can enter it on the Giffgaff number transfer page. The number will transfer to your new SIM on the date you prefer.

Giffgaff does not offer any additional benefits, but they do provide a nice bag. They also offer unlimited data plans as well as contracts-free packages. These plans are great for travelers and anyone who wants to use their cell phone abroad. These plans also include flexible contracts that you can end at any time without cost.

Another great feature of a Giffgaff unlimited sim 30-day contract is that you don’t have to purchase the mobile phone upfront. There is no credit check , and you can purchase a phone for free. The company also offers the most recent smartphones. Although airtime isn’t a part of the monthly plan but you can get a goodybag package to get unlimited texts and calls, together with unlimited data.

Giffgaff offers unlimited UK calls and texts, however you will have to pay extra for picture messages. Data-based apps are recommended for sending pictures. The company is also well known for its active online community. It relies on customers to help each other through an online forum.

A SIM-only plan is a great option for travelers looking for an affordable and Giffgaff Data Only SIM flexible contract. They allow you to change the amount of data you wish to use on a monthly basis and don’t require a credit verification. The majority of providers offer unlimited minutes and texts.

Compatible with 37 countries in Europe

If you’re a member of the European Union, you can enjoy unlimited roaming and 10GB of 4G data on your Giffgaff sim. You can also make unlimited calls within Europe. Additionally, you can utilize Giffgaff’s data hotspot and tethering services. The SIM is valid for a period of 10 days following activation. The SIM comes with English instructions that you can use to activate your plan.

Giffgaff Unlimited Sim works with all smartphones. It is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Apple iPhone 14 smartphones. It is affordable and has an affordable monthly cost making it a great alternative. You should be aware that you are only allowed to use 5GB of data per month. You’ll be charged an extra fee when you exceed this limit.

Giffgaff has received four awards at the Uswitch Awards 2017 for their network. It was also named Network of the Year. Giffgaff is also being vetted by the Advertising Standards Agency. This means that your SIM can be used in any country if you make use of it.

Giffgaff unlimited sims are compatible in 37 European countries. Its international coverage is excellent, and it supports all three major networks. However, you must be aware that if you’re travelling to a remote area you may not be able to utilize your Giffgaff SIM. If this is an issue it is recommended that you call your network provider and determine if they’re compatible with Giffgaff’s international sim.

In addition to the giffgaff data only sim [] unlimited sim, you can also use Giffgaff’s telephone loan service. This is similar to the Airfix model. You can use the same phone in multiple countries, and if you don’t want to get the loan, you can simply swap your existing SIM for the Nano-SIM. This will let you obtain the best service at the lowest cost.

Giffgaff also offers unlimited minutes and texts in the UK. You can also make free calls to other Giffgaff users. But remember that Giffgaff customers must purchase a separate SIM card and cellular data add-ons , if they travel to other countries. The Giffgaff unlimited SIM can be used in many European countries.


Giffgaff’s prices are low and a great option for giffgaff sim only contract deals contract sim deals anyone seeking a mobile phone plan at a price that is affordable. Giffgaff’s plans do not have any monthly spending limits and you can set up regular plans. This means that you can top up your account whenever you’d like, and pay as little as 5p per MB for data.

The company has won many awards including the Uswitch Best SIM Only Network Award of the Year. However, the company is focused on offering the best value for money , and doesn’t include too many extras. Invite friends to earn points that can be used to convert into cash or donated to charity.

The company offers three SIM card sizes. The Micro SIM card is the smallest, while the Nano and Micro SIM cards are the biggest. Three sizes of SIM cards are compatible with most smartphones. The proper size is vital for getting the best service at the best price. The company also provides loans via phone.

Giffgaff offers an annual data plan with unlimited minutes and texts. Giffgaff’s unlimited plan for data costs PS35 currently. Although it’s cheaper than other plans, if require more data then the Golden Goodybag may be a better choice. As opposed to the standard Giffgaff plans, this service doesn’t require an annual contract, and it has a recurring billing cycle. Additionally, you’ll be able to pay using a credit card or a top-up voucher and you’ll receive more data for the money you spend.

Giffgaff prides themselves on offering flexible and affordable plans. You can also switch networks quickly and it doesn’t lock you in to an unreliable contract. Giffgaff’s SIM only plans come with an array of text, minutes, data and even free giffgaff calling.

Giffgaff Goodybag SIM cards offer unlimited minutes and text messages. You can buy mobile plans on the internet or via phone if you are looking for a low-cost option. Once you have your Giffgaff SIM Card all you have to do is enter your old network’s PAC number on the giffgaff sim only monthly Website. It will then transfer your number to the date you choose.

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