Install A Hook Lock Van Like A Guru With This “secret” Formula

A hook lock van hooklock is a vehicle security system that includes deadlocking bolts that fit into the body of the van and loops over a metal bar. A high-quality hook lock comes with a patented design that makes it extremely difficult to gain entry into the vehicle, negating the devastating impact of crowbars. Premium hook locks also provide the best protection against being ripped open. Hook lock vans are available in a variety of sizes and styles to guard your vehicle.


The L4V hook lock deadlock is arguably the most advanced type of van security upgrade because it extends into the bodywork’s receiving keeper and offers a high degree of protection against door spreading. Hook locks aren’t tied to the locking system used by the manufacturer. This means that even if the manufacturer’s locking system is compromised, hook locks will still lock. This makes them an excellent choice for vans with high-profile security needs.

Deadlock van hook locks can be fitted to any door, fitted and are generally situated high on the door providing additional protection against peeling attack. Peeling is the process of using a tool or knife to puncture the van door’s top, then folding it over to gain entry. Regardless of the design or style of the lock, all van hook locks feature the same mechanism and require the exact type of key to operate. To safeguard your vehicle, hook locks are highly recommended for vans that have owner-driversand those in industries where the driver is dependent on the security of the vehicle.

Another great option is the T Series deadlocks from Locks 4 Vans. These locks not only offer maximum security , but also function as a visual deterrent. The keys are solid nickel silver and branded with the L4V or Locks 4 Vans logo. They are also very secure and cannot be twisted which makes them a good option for van security. What are the advantages of deadlock van hook locks They provide a variety of advantages that make them an ideal choice for van security.

The TRACKER system lets you connect to the police database in order to trace stolen cars and their owners. These devices come with an GPS that assists in identifying stolen vehicles and makes them less likely to steal. These devices have been successful in keeping valuable equipment and tools secure. A purchase of one of these devices today is a smart investment in your van security. If you’re thinking about purchasing a van security hook locks hook lock for your van, it may be worth considering.

Hook lock

A van hook deadlocks equipped with a Hook Lock installation is one that will deter van thieves. The security-oriented hook lock has an deadlocking bolt that is inserted into the body of the van, and fitted loops over a metal bar. This locking mechanism eliminates the harmful effects of crowbars, which are commonly employed by criminals. Premium hook locks are resistant to being broken. They are perfect for industries that depend on the driver to operate the van lock.

Hook locks are installed on any type of van door. They are hung high on the door to provide additional security against the peeling attack. Peeling attack is the process of tearing off the top portion of a van door with a crowbar or tool. All van deadlocks can lock doors individually and can also be opened with keys. Thus, they’re a great option for van owners looking to increase security.

Despite their security-conscious design, hooklocks aren’t immune to thieves. For instance deadlocks may be harder to pick than a deadlock with a hook bolt. Hooklocks have a secondary mortice lock to stop thieving attempts. The Hook Bolt is then placed in a safe that is specifically designed for it. The combination of these two locks gives the van the greatest security. Fortunately, there are many benefits to Hook lock vans.

The hook lock van kit comes with all the required instructions. Hook locks are compatible with vans of any size, making them ideal for both old and new vehicles. It can also be utilized with existing locking systems in your vehicle. If you’re an owner-driver, then you’ll probably want to install a hook lock van security kit. This way, locks 4 vans hook lock you’ll have a van that can be safe for everyone out on the road.

Mechanical deadlock

Installing a mechanical deadlock on your van is an effective way to double the security of your vehicle. Deadlocks can’t be opened forcefully because they do not have spring mechanisms. Instead they require a key to open them. It doesn’t matter if you own a Ford Transit van or another model one, a mechanical deadlock will provide you with security and convenience. This is also a great option for vans that are used by tradespeople.

The L4V Hook Lock is a mechanical deadlock that is separate from the locking system installed in the van’s factory. The hook bolt is deadlocked to the door opposite using the use of a specific key. This lets you control vehicle access and its contents. The mechanical deadlock is suitable for vans that are driven by owners or in cases where the driver is dependent on. Its unique design makes it simpler to use than other types of van locks.

When you add a mechanical deadlock to your van you’ll be able to secure your vehicle without the cost of installing an entirely new locking mechanism. It’s similar to the deadbolt fitted to the front door. It works by transferring the bolt onto a receiving bracket. It is crucial to protect your van’s security that the deadlock’s locking points be located in a strategic location on your door. This security feature will make your vehicle safer in the event of theft and damage.

If you’re planning to install a mechanical deadlock on your van’s doors, make sure you choose a secure model that’s been approved by the security firm Thatcham Research. A deadlock for your van should be set just outside the door, since this is where burglars usually place their keys. If thieves do manage to get access to a key, it’s much simpler for them to gain entry to the van.

Mortice lock

Mortice locks are a kind of door latch that is operated with keys. The mortice lock permits the lock’s cylinder to be placed within the door’s thickness , away from the meeting edge. Screws travel through the forend of the cylinder to secure it in the right position. Another kind of lock is the nightlatch which is a rim-latch that uses a roller or bevelled spring bolt to secure it. Nightlatch operates with keys from outside or with a lever or knob from inside. The Nightlatch could also have an opening slide and a stop knob to prevent accidental release.

A mortice lock is usually a double locking system and features three different mechanisms that ensure security. The first is an electropolished inox stainless-steel anchoring plate that is attached to the door by two screws. The second one is comprised of two drill-resistant and anti-drilling trapezoidal anchoring plates made of AISI 420B. They have three keys. The third key has the cylinder which rotates and functions independently of the first.

The most popular form of van deadlock is the mortice lock van hook lock. They can be hung on any door and are available throughout the UK. They provide a high level of protection against peeling attacks when the top of the van’s doors are folded down. They are also resistant to attacks by crowbars. A mortice lock van hook lock is a great option to lock and unlock individual doors. This will shield you from burglars trying to gain access to your area of load.

Visual deterrent

Hook locks are often considered an alternative to a traditional deadlock. Hook locks are more secure than deadlocks, and provide additional protection for the barrel and handle of the lock. They also provide an internal and external shield against handles that are snagged, punctures in the bodywork, and other potential damage. Apart from visual deterrence, hook locks can also shield wiring looms and door latches. This is a great way to discourage thieves from taking your vehicle and makes it harder for them to steal your van.

The most commonly used visual deterrent to hook lock vans is a locking cylinder. This type of lock is used to secure the rear and side doors of vans. A deadlock is used to give physical security as well as visual deterrence. The cylinder is protected by high-quality black plastic escutcheons, which prevent the unauthorized access. This will discourage thieves from stealing the lock, making it a weapon.

Hook Lock is a second high-security locking point for vans. This provides the driver with total control and an additional layer of security. Hook locks require a unique external key. They are also very effective visual deterrents. Hook vans with locks are a great option for industries that depend on the lock for protection against theft. They will help to protect your employees, van hook lock you as well as your customers from van theft.

Deadlocks are a visual barrier to secure vans with locks. Locked doors keep thieves away from damaging or stealing your van. The cost of installing deadlocks is about PS150. Deadlocks can be installed by you at a cost as low as PS150. Deadlocks provide an additional level of security as well as a visual deterrent, even though it’s priced at a higher price. Before installing a hook lock, make sure you test first.

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