Is Your Consumer Unit Upgrades In High Wycombe Keeping You From Growing?

Why would you need to get a consumer unit upgrade? There are a myriad of reasons you might want to upgrade your consumer unit. In addition, you may require your home to be updated to avoid this issue. Your landlord may prefer circuit breakers over fuse when you live in a rental. A consumer unit upgrade will consist of an inspection, test, and certification.

Rewires High Wycombe eliminate faults and defects

Rewires will ensure that your house has safe and efficient electrical components. The electrical components inside your home like the consumer unit, are responsible to allow electricity to enter your home. Upgrades can prevent faults from happening. The right wiring can be fitted into your home extension electrical wiring. Rewires are essential for every extension project since they are able to prevent any errors. Here are some reasons your home should be rewired.

Increase in house fires per unit of consumption

Recent reports show a rise in fires at homes that involve consumer units. Some of the units aren’t equipped with an RCD (residual current device) that interrupts electrical current in the event of an electric surge. In addition, older consumer models may be made from plastic, not metal which is less secure and can spread fire more quickly. The new rules will ensure that consumers units are constructed from non-combustible materials.

Five kinds of consumer units made of plastic were subject to recent ignition tests. In the five years between October 2006 and October 2011 the London Fire Brigade investigated 107 fires that involved consumer units made of plastic. This number has grown by 100 percent in the past 12 months. Initial tests showed that three brands were using plastic enclosures without a flame retardant. The two other brands utilized flame retardant materials.

It is unclear what caused the fires. Plastic consumer units could catch fire, but bad connections can trigger a fire. These fires typically affect the entire enclosure. Secondary fires could also be caused by the plastic enclosure. In certain instances, defective wiring could result in the formation of gas pipes. Consumer units made of plastic should be upgraded in these instances. Plastic enclosures can be linked to an increase in fires in the house per unit in High Wycombe.

There are many reasons to consider a consumer unit upgrade

It’s a good idea to upgrade your consumer unit for safety reasons and for other reasons. A functioning consumer unit can prevent electric shocks and fires, and improves energy efficiency in your home. It stops power surges from damaging appliances and reduces the cost of utility. It’s an investment that’s smart in your property. Your appliances will be in good working order for the long run.

Older consumer Unit upgrades high Wycombe ( models may not be in compliance with current regulations as they do not have RCD protection. Some models are made of plastic that can cause fires to spread quickly. It is therefore imperative to upgrade your consumer unit as fast as you can. Contact our service department to get a complimentary consultation with a professional electrician. A qualified electrician can help you decide what is the best solution for your home or business.

The process of updating a consumer unit is not messy, but it can be disruptive. It is possible that you will need to move around for consumer unit Upgrades high wycombe a few hours so it is important to be prepared. The work could take anywhere between one and two days. A residential domestic electrician high wycombe can effectively upgrade the unit and examine every connection throughout the house. If the consumer unit isn’t working correctly an electrician will recommend the best solution that doesn’t cause any damage to your home.

The performance and safety can be improved by upgrading your consumer unit. It also safeguards your family from severe electrical fires and shocks. Your home will be secure from electrical wiring damages, and your electrical wiring will be more efficient if you upgrade your unit. Modern fuseboards include surge protection, which can prevent electrical faults. An experienced electrician can provide the necessary service, whether you need to replace your High Wycombe consumer unit or repair the unit you have currently.

There are two major types of consumer units. The Main Switch Consumer Unit is the only one that contains the main switch. The other is known as the Dual RCD consumer unit, with two RCDs. Both units are easy to set up and maintain. The high wycombe electrician Integrity Consumer Unit is another kind of unit. It is equipped with one MCB for each circuit. It is well-known for its outstanding protection and circuit separation.

It is best to have an electrician professional install the device if you’re certain of the type you require. An experienced electrician will complete the security lighting installation high wycombe without risking safety. A NICEIC-certified electrician’s certificate will ensure that the new unit meets the standards of the industry. It could be time for an upgrade in case your consumer unit is older than just a few years. You’ll be thankful you did.

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