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The Brave browser was designed to make privateness simple enough for everybody. It’s an open source browser built on prime of Chromium (an open source model of the Chrome browser), which means it’s easy for Chrome customers to make the change. Nevertheless, unlike Chrome, Brave does not gather any knowledge about your on-line exercise.

Aside from basic browser features like bookmark management, extensions, themes, incognito mode, and so on., one thing I like about Chrome is the profile administration. The feature allows multiple individuals to make use of the same browser with out getting their web history, obtain historical past, and other issues merged. Tab Grouping is another useful feature that helps scale back muddle.

In December 2018, British YouTube content creator Tom Scott mentioned that he had not acquired any donations collected on his behalf by Brave. In a tweet, he acknowledged “So if you happen to thought you’d donated to me by way of Brave, the cash (or their pseudo-cash [BAT]) is not going to reach me, and Brave’s terms say that they may select to only keep it for themselves. It appears like they’re ‘providing this service’ for every creator on every platform. No opt-in, no consent.”[88][89] In response, Brave amended the interface with a disclaimer for every creator who has not signed up with Brave and promised to think about adding “an decide-out option for creators who do not wish to receive donations” and “switching the default so customers can’t tip or donate to unverified creators”.[90]

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